How to put an image

Put an image next to text on a page?

It is not easy or obvious to place an image next to text (without using the columns) in the visual editor on the same line. If you try without columns to add side by side text or images, you will need to manually manage the padding around the image and around the text.

The CMS of Kyma-Web have made it simple to position an image next to text.

Image et texte

Example 1 :


Within the manager, click on  Add a block   then Add a colomn  On the left, activate the  Image widget  and on the right activate the  Visual Editor widget   to insert text.

Click on configure to upload your image or select the image you want to use into the  Image widget  and write text on the right in the   Visual Editor widget 

You can then change the margins, by changing the width of your columns. This is displayed in percents. for example, we used 35% for the column on the left and 65% on the right. 


To find out more about this method for creating pages, we recommend that you go to the tutorial : create pages with blocks. This method allows you to create structured complex pages simply using CMS of Kyma-Web.

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