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Helpful advice on writing your pages and SEO

The visual editor works like common text software like Word or Open Office, but it is important to note some key differences. The page widgets and the block and column page conception allow for millions or possibilities for your page layout. But the visual editor is not just a text software, it is so much more.

Keep in mind that the width of the page builder is not the same width as the actual site page will be. This tool makes visualising complex and varied page layouts easy and practical, although it is not an exact replica.

Here is some advice we give on how to create pages, writing for the web, and optimizing your site's appearance on search engines.





Create a fluid page design

Have graphic looktry to have coherence between all your pages with a solid design. The site design is grouped all in one section:

  Settings > Design > Personnalise  

You will not have to go page by page allowing for a solid design base to each page.


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Attention to the keyboard commands

Do not overuse the bar   Space  It should only be used for its purpose : separating two words. If you want to space your content in the page, use the align buttons found in the visual editor.

If you wish to go to the next line without skipping a line, do not use the key  Enter   When you use this key, the visual editor understands that you want to end the current paragraph and start a new paragraph.

If you wish to go to the next line without changing paragraphs hit  Shift + Enter  .


Copy and paste from Word or OpenOffice

Never paste text directly from Word into your visual editor. The style and formatting are not compatible with web page formatting.

In pasting directly from word, a bunch of useless code will appear and your site may be blocked on certain web navigators. So when you want to copy and paste text, first click on the icon "Paste from word"

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Add images to your page

If you wish to add or move an image to your web page, you must not drag-and-drop from your computer to the visual editor, This will not work. There are numerous ways to add images, and we recommend that you read this helpful tutorial : Add an image to a page

Writing your page and SEO

Every time you create a new page, remember to optimize META, meaning add a title, a description and even add keywords in the portion of the page in the section titled   Search engine Optimalisation (SEO) 

Pay attention to the titles of your pages and each block (all titles). We invite you to read our advice on how to master SEO on your site.

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