Manage the menus


The menus allow the user to navigate your site.

There two types of menus : horizontal or vertical.

To manage your menus in your manager, let's met in Settings > Menus select & activate, add or remove a template page ... figure out how to manage the menus of your site.

The horizontal menus

The bar of links that creates navigation from the top and/or the bottom of your website. It is possible to create drop-down menus, where the links will appear on hovering the mouse.

The vertical menus

These side menus display your content in columns, on the sides to the left and/or to the right of your content zone. In the vertical menus, you can add widgets, or text and images.


Menu structures

For advanced users, know that you can get different menus on every page of your site. To do this you must create menu structures for each desired model.


To learn to add links to you horizontal menu, we recommend you read this helpful tutorial : manage the horizontal menu.

To learn to add widgets to the menu, we recommend reading this helpful tutorial : manage the vertical menu.

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