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Make a page using blocks and columns

Take a look over our page builder tool. Together, let's see how to create a page, by adding blocks and columns. A quality page layout that shows off your dynamic content.

Discover step by step, the layout blocks and all the advantages of this system offer by CMS of Kyma-Web.

Créer une page


1- The block and column concept

To create a new page, go to the "manager" in :   Add-ons > Pages   and click :   +  

Below the example of a line, consisting of 4 colomns... Imagine your page can be made as array of 20 lines, each divided into 6 colomns. 

In its independent block you can insert texte, images, vidéos or any other type of dynamic content.


2 - Add a line

A line is a further level of content on a page.

  • You can give a itle to each line. On the page, this will correspond to a  title of paragraph 2 (title of level 2 or H2).
  • You can overlay up to 20 lines to a page by clicking:  Add a line 
  • It's possible to move a ray (vertical).
  • A line can be deleted red cross in the upper left   X 
  • You can assign class & ID for each line  DESIGN ...  Style ... puis l'option  Personalized (class/ID) .

3 - Add a column

A column is an additional block on a line. You can add up to 6 columns to each line when you click on :  Add a colomn 

  • Each column can be adjusted (you can easily have one column at 50% and the other two at 25%).
  • A column can easily be moved on the line (horizontally.
  • A column can be erased, in doing so the width is automatically added to the block to the left.
  • A column can be refreshed so that you can choose the content you want to put in.

Now you know how to compose or edit your pages with rows and colomns, so now we invite you to boost your pages using widgets...

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